LAVA U - Delay Function Introduction

When idea comes with a Ukulele combines with technology, which will you think of?

LAVA U - Delay Function Introduction

LAVA U comes with 6 colours !!

(Sparkle Blue,Sparkle Black,Sparkle Pink,Sparkle Gold,Sparkle Red, Sparkle Purple)


Lights Up Your day.

A tiny, lovely body loaded with huge, advanced technologies. The AirSonic carbon fiber lets you no need to worry about the weather conditions. The BreatheNet Bionic structure helps you to create a better natural sound. The Unibody makes your playing easy, and now you could use the FreeBoost feature to play with effects

without plugging in.

2. The iconic design reimagined.

The shape feels softer. The screws on the machine heads are disappear. Even the soundhole shape has been redesign. In fact any single part of the LAVA U is custom designed & made, even the parts on the inside.

3. AirSonic Carbon Fiber and the Unibody Technology Weatherproof.

AirSonic carbon fiber and unibody technology have been invented by LAVA MUSIC in 2017, and this represented an era of the new material instrument creations. The technology also allows us to significantly reduce the use of glue for the construction.

4. BreatheNet Bionic Soundboard

BreatheNet Bionic soundboard structure is the milestone of the LAVA’s acoustic algorithm technology. The soundboard structure includes 142 different shapes that are created with our acoustic algorithm. It lets the soundboard to produce a fuller, more bassy sound.

5. L2 Mini Pickup and FreeBoostTM Technology

Play With Effects Without Plugging into an Amp

LAVA L2 Mini pickup equipped with the all-new FreeBoostTM technology and the L2 Mini pickup uses the back of the LAVA U as a speaker. Turn on the pickup anywhere anytime, you can freely play with reverb, delay, chorus without an amp.

Internal Mic built-in

The L2 mini Pickup enables with percussion sound receiving mic. It enhances and embellishes the percussion sound no matter if it is used with or without plugging it in.

6. Space Case

The all-new Space Case is specifically designed for the LAVA U. The clear and tough protective case is built with high ductility material and also process through a mould that weights over 3 tons. The case inside was built with anti-clash material, to ensure the LAVA U integrity.

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