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LAVA ME PRO Introduction

What's better than LAVA ME 2 ? - Introducing LAVA ME PRO (Space Grey/Black Gold), L2 PRO Pickup co-design with L.R. Baggs 🎶

1. LAVA ME PRO LAVA ME PRO was specifically designed for stage performance. A powerful built-in preamp system, extraordinary reliability & portability defined its extremely purposeful design.

2. The L2 PRO Electronic System The most powerful preamp We’ve ever created. The L2 PRO comes with the most powerful built-in preamp that LAVA MUSIC & L.R. Baggs has ever created. It comes with L.R. Baggs’ iconic Mix-Control system as well the Reverb, Delay, Chorus and even the Turbo mode. Now you don’t have to carry your pedals to rehearsal, or even go on tour. -- L.R. Baggs

3. Tap-Tempo Delay The new feature of Tap-Tempo Now you can adjust your delay effect in a perfect tempo by simply tapping.

4.Turbo Mode With the new TURBO button, you can instantly enhance the volume & tone with one tap while the music goes to your solo part.

5.The iconic Mix-Control by L.R. Baggs L.R. Baggs’ advanced piezo and mic technology have contributed to the natural and stereo sounds. And allow you to adjust the tone with different proportion between them.

6. TheFreeBoostTM Technology The FreeBoostTM system allows you to play with the effect of reverb, delay and chorus without plugging into an amp. The FreeBoostTM patent is provided by Double Acoustic

7.AirCarbonTM Soundboard Inspired stem from the aviation industry, AirCarbonTM was a carbon fiber material & structure system we’ve created for the LAVA ME PRO. It’s extremely lightweight but very strong, so that it could vibrate more freely. It has the same stiffness while 30 % lighter than the standard carbon fiber. With a gentle pluck, you could produce a bright dynamic & open sound.

8. The PhantomTM Structure The shape was designed with mechanic simulations, along with the sealed the honeycomb structure between the carbon fiber layers. The PhantomTM Structure helps the LAVA ME PRO to product a very organic type of sound.

9. Gravitational-designed shape The engineer team uses the soundboard as the top of a 3-dimensional object, then adds the volume & gravity, so that the body becomes a natural steady structure. Then having the shape optimisation process, the body grows into a form that’s both strong & thin.

10. Weatherproof The AirSonic carbon fiber allows you to play the guitar would not be TM affected by both temperatures and humidity. So no matter you are in the Sahara desert or Iceland, The LAVA ME PRO always works for you.

11.Ideal Bag PRO The shape of the Ideal Bag PRO was designed to be fitted perfectly with the guitar. The bag was built with a smart structure material that could reach to environmental stress: AirBuff. The material is soft, light and elastic in normal condition. When the bag was against clash or strike from outside, the inner micron molecules instantly locked, and immediately absorbed the outside force in turn to protect the guitar.

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